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Getting a foothold in the Chinese market is tough. You need to know China inside and out.

With 1.4 billion inhabitants, China is like no other market you’ve worked in. What has served you well until now could be of little use. But this is where we can help.

At Magnetic, our multilingual team of experts helps clients from all over the world, but especially from Spain and Latin America, to give their companies, products and services the exposure they need.

We know what works.

Marketing in China
Digital Marketing China

Digital Marketing

The digital revolution is only just beginning. We constantly have to rethink how we understand the world, the markets and how people interact with them. Best marketing practices a year ago are not the same now. Likewise, what works in one hemisphere won’t work in another.

China has massive potential. But it also has different search engines and different social media platforms. We understand them.

Thanks to our expertise, we can help you to take your message to new audiences and get greater brand exposure, reach and clicks through improved online positioning.

We can refresh and enhance your website for improved SEO, with new landing pages and hosting that better fits your needs. This will optimize your visibility and rankings on Google, but also on Baidu, China’s biggest search engine with 218 million daily active users.

Through careful analysis and planning, we can also design attractive digital campaigns, targeting the most appropriate channels to maximize results.

Social media

Social media is a vital tool in any digital marketing strategy. Not only do you have to be on them, but you also have to think carefully about presenting your brand with a recognizable and unique voice.

Every detail matters in how you’re perceived by others. Success will depend on the quality of your content and your strategy.

Yes, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and even TikTok all form part of a successful marketing strategy. But, when it comes to the Chinese market, social media platforms function very differently. Western platforms don’t stand a chance against the Chinese social media juggernauts.

Whether it’s WeChat (Weixin), China’s so-called “app for everything”, the Weibo microblogging website or Xiaohongshu, “China’s answer to Instagram”, we can help you to adapt your strategy to these unfamiliar platforms and choose the channels that best help you to target your audience.

Our dedicated team specialized in digital media can provide clients with a remarkable social media presence, helping you to create and manage strategic content on each platform.

Social Media in China
Influencers China


Part of this is getting the right social media influencers on board.

To enhance your brand awareness in China, you need the right people on your side. There’s a huge number of potential customers you cannot afford to ignore.

To reach them, we can get the best influencers in your industry (fashion, food & drink, parenting, beauty etc.) to promote your brand to their huge number of followers.

Website design

If you’re starting afresh, we can design and program the website you always dreamt about. We’ve got everything covered from the initial idea to publication and hosting.

From the most simple to the most complex, we create websites that suit your needs – all with perfect and clean code.

We can also provide post-service maintenance, depending on your needs.

Webdesign China

Graphic design

Stand out from the competition with clean and slick designs.

We help you to develop ideas, adapt them and illustrate them, whether that’s logos, corporate presentations, packaging or a product catalogue.

If it’s just an idea, we can draw it; if we can draw it, we can animate it.

Graphic Design China
Video & photography in China

Video & photography

Shape and reinforce your brand’s image with high-quality imagery.

Whether video or photography, we’ll take care of every aspect, from shooting through to the editing room.

We can help you with corporate videos, events promotion and coverage, advertising and 360º tours.

Because the main objective is to reinforce your brand’s image and how it will be perceived, we always analyze and compare the best formats and channels for your needs.

Total transparency

At Magnetic, we pride ourselves not only on our agility, but also our transparency and accountability.

It’s central to the level of trust we enjoy with our clients and allows us to deliver truly innovative ideas and meaningful results.

This is why clients consistently come back to us with their latest challenges and opportunities.

How can we help you?