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Forget what you already know about business and marketing.

It probably won’t apply in China.

It’s a completely different environment. It needs explaining. The workflows may broadly be the same, but the scale and the channels are very different.

But we can help you to understand the ecosystem and how you need to adapt your strategy.

We know what works. 

We’ll take you by the hand and guide your business to success in the most dynamic and challenging market of them all.

Consulting in China
Guiding you

Guiding you through every step of the journey

At Magnetic, we are driven by creativity, expertise and passion, creating live experiences that inspire, move, connect and engage with audiences.

Moving to an international market as complex as the Chinese one is a particularly difficult step.

That’s why we’ll assist you through every stage, from analysis through to execution.

1. Getting to know you

When it comes to achieving your goals, we first must get to know you.

We’ll take a thorough look at your business to pinpoint exactly what you need from us.

That way, we can find the most appropriate way to help you reach your destination.

2. Research & analysis

Once we know how we can help you, the next phase is to perform in-depth market research and analysis to help devise and guide the market entry strategy for your business.

We analyze different routes to find the most appropriate way for you to arrive successfully on the scene in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

3. Strategy planning

With all this information in mind, we can then formulate a solid strategy for you, built firmly around the values of your company and desired position in the market.

Not only is it important to know what to do, it’s also important to know which channels to prioritize and when to do so.

We help to structure your marketing plan so that you can achieve more with less.

4. Execution

With the strategy in place, we have teams of experts who can execute it for you too.

Our marketing specialists, with particular expertise in China’s biggest search engines and social media platforms, work in tandem with our graphic designers, developers, photographers, influencers and video content creators to bring you a complete service, catered to your requirements.

5. Monitoring

That said, we won’t just stop and admire our good work.

We’ll continue to ensure that your brand position in the market remains strong as your strategy is being implemented.

We’ll continue to monitor the most important metrics and indicators in order to guide and optimize the strategy to ensure lasting results are achieved in the long term.

Total transparency

At Magnetic, we pride ourselves not only on our agility, but also our transparency and accountability.

It’s central to the level of trust we enjoy with our clients and allows us to deliver truly innovative ideas and meaningful results.

This is why clients consistently come back to us with their latest challenges and opportunities.

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