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So, you’re new to China and you need some doors to be opened for you.

Well, we have the contacts.

At Magnetic, we can make sure that you’re where you need to be, with the right people.

Based in Shanghai, Magnetic was created by pairing our passion for business with our passion for events.

We bring a fresh, unique approach to the event management industry.

We understand that a properly executed event can support an organization’s strategic vision, be incorporated into a company’s marketing plan or be used to build networks and increase client loyalty.

Regardless of size and scope, we can organize or prepare your business for:

Events in China
Events full service in China

A full service

We approach all events with clear strategic goals, defined milestones and a comprehensive plan to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible for you and your guests.

We offer a full service, so that means we can enhance your event in several ways.

1. Brand identity

At your event, we’ll ensure you leave an impression as we shape and reinforce your branding with high-quality imagery.

With first-rate photography paired with excellent graphic design, you’ll stand out from the rest with slick brochures, pamphlets, stands, banners and more.

2. Video

Bring your event further to life with slick video productions. We can produce corporate videos, promotional material and advertising to give your event an extra edge.

Whether video or photography, we’ll take care of every aspect, from shooting through to the editing room.

We can also give coverage to your events in real-time on social media or other platforms.

3. Influencers

To enhance your brand awareness in China, you need the right people on your side.

We can get the best influencers in your industry (fashion, food & drink, parenting, beauty etc.) to promote attend and/or promote your events to their huge number of followers.

Total transparency

At Magnetic, we pride ourselves not only on our agility, but also our transparency and accountability.

It’s central to the level of trust we enjoy with our clients and allows us to deliver truly innovative ideas and meaningful results.

This is why clients consistently come back to us with their latest challenges and opportunities.

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